aSc Timetables Mobile
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aSc Timetables Mobile

Export your Full school TimeTable

aSc Mobile TimeTables is a plug-in to aSc TimeTables that can export your complete school timetable in the format that your students and teachers can download into their mobiles.


Any mobile that has Java technology can now display the schedule you’ve created in aSc TimeTables.


All school timetabling data are exported: lessons, teachers, rooms, student groups.


Sample File



Simple creation & Easy of Use


One click is needed in aSc TimeTables to create a schedule in format that your students‘ mobiles can download and use.


Also the installation into the mobile is easy. Transfer the java file which is created (*.jar) to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or by memory card transfer. Its as simple as that.


Once the application is downloaded into the mobile you do not have to connect anywhere since the full schedule is in the mobile.



Smart Phones

Own an iPhone , BlackBerry, Android or even other types of smart phones?

You can access your timetable and substitution information directly from IPhone, Android or Windows phone. Just type this address into your phone's internet browser:




A special mobile version of timetables online will be displayed that will allow you to browse any timetable, the substitution data and more anywhere you go.



- IPhone and Android users can use the default browser. Windows phone users shall download Opera browser.

- your phone has to be able to access internet