aSc Timetables ONLINE
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aSc Timetables ONLINE

Main purpose
Timetables online is web-based extension of the timetabling application. It offers several features that will help you with sharing the timetable, online backups, teachers daily plans, publishing substitution information and more.
No installation & maintenance
aSc Timetables online is online application accessible from any internet browser. The application is hosted on aSc Servers, you don't need to install anything or maintain your own server. aSc is currently hosting web-pages and applications for more than 8000 schools.
Everything is password protected. Its up to you what your teachers, students or other visitors of the page can see from the timetables/substitution data.
You can save/open/backup your timetables using the online storage. You can use this storage to easily transfer your timetables or backup them.
Online storage - backup
Send timetable to teachers. Once the timetable is saved in online storage you can send it to other teachers. Each teacher will automatically be assigned password and you can decide if they will see the whole timetable or just their own:
Publishing your timetable
The final timetable can be published. During publishing you can also specify time frame when this timetable is official, you can publish more timetables each valid in different part of the school year. The teachers are notified that the official timetable is online, they can view it anytime using their passwords. Moreover they can add their notes/print it from their browsers.
If your school is using aSc Substitution you can directly upload this to Timetables online. Teachers can be notified, students can see what will change on the given day. If you have a published timetable, the substitution changes are automatically reflected in it, so that everyone will see updated timetable online.
Teacher's daily plan
Once the timetable is published, each teacher can use it to organize his work. Each teacher is presented with customizable dashboard. It is possible to view the daily timetable, to mark which students were absent, what was the homework given and more. It is possible to customize what of these features will you be using and which not.
Room booking
Timetables online allows you to book rooms based on the actual timetable.